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mixer to soundcard

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Sanoz0r, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Sanoz0r

    Sanoz0r Guest

    Hey ppl

    I need to purchase a soundcard to add to my recording setup.

    Will it be advisable to get each seperate input into my computer (i would need about 18 soundcard inputs)? or should i rather group inputs and then send them to my computer (less inputs obviously)?

    And what is a good card to buy?? Remember im on a budget :)

    keep well all
  2. blogg1

    blogg1 Guest

    Check out ST Audio DSP 2000 C-port!

    10input/outputs 8 of them are analog in a separat 19inch breakoutbox 2 of the analog chanels are preamped (ok don´t expect the worlds greatest preamps, but it´s still ok preamps if you compare them to the preamps in a "B" mixer).The card has 24/96 audio (the latency in 96K is 2ms) and it´s not that expensive 500-600$. If you later feel the need to expand the numbre of channels you can connect up to 3 more units to the card 4 * 10 in/out= 40 in/out channels.
    Ok, ST audio is a Korean brand ( I have seen that some people here in the forum have expressed negative opinions about Asian products so I thougt I mention it, personally I don´t have a problem buying a Korean product as long as it´s a good product...) and some larger brands might have better latency and sound better in a really great studio environment, but I have been using ST audio cards for a while now and I think that you can´t get a better value for that amount of money. Of course you might also check out ESI WamiRack, I havent tried them myself but I heard a lot of good things about them.
  3. Sanoz0r

    Sanoz0r Guest

    how do you 'turn off' those preamps on the
    sound card. obviously i use my mixers preamps
  4. blogg1

    blogg1 Guest

    You dont have to plug into the preamps, you just use the line input to bypass them...
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