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    hi ,could anyone tell me how to connect my mixer to a soundblaster audigy.i have just bought a behringer ub1204 fx-pro mixer.i will be very grateful. ty olliex (female ) lol
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    Hi OllieX:
    I suggest that any output you choose from your mixer (analog output that is) be connected the "line in" input of the audigy. As a rule of thumb I`d try to get to the sound card imput using the shortest path from the mic preamplifier. Like the "send" output of the channel inserts (if any)or the "direct outs".That will work for only two tracks at a time since the audigy has only one stereo input. If more than two channels are to be used, then you will have to use the bus(group)out or the master(main) out. Although you could also use the auxiliary sends when mixing more than 2 input channels, which is a shorter path than the group and main options. If there is a digital output on the board, then use it to connect to the spdif input on the Audigy.
    Best regards, Javier.
  3. olliex

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    ty javier

    ty for yr help much appreciated .olliex

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