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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by ssgguitar, Dec 12, 2004.

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    I'm new to the forum and I am really impressed with the knowledge, experience and professionalism of this bunch. I have a question on mixing a lead vocal. I'm recording a rock band and have a decent working mix in progress with all instrumentation complete. Now I have the vocals recorded and I am running into a problem getting them to sit right in the mix. As always - they sound great in isolation but seem to have a little too much body when compared to the rest of the mix. When I try to cut a little out in the 400-600Hz range (1-4dB) I seem to lose them. Is this a problem that I could notch something out of possibly guitars? Or am I focusing in on the wrong area on the vocal? Please help :D
  2. if the vocal sounds like it has to much body then its ok to eq it out a bit...

    if it is then lost in the mix it could be that there is to much instrumentation in the center image, try panning guitars out of the center etc... make some room for the vocal....

    also make sure that you are controlling the dynamics of the vocal with a good compresser....
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    Thanks - I had my vocals routed to the wrong bus (just started using a new multitrack setup) and had a boost @150Hz meant for something else

    Its been a long week! Hopefully I won't do that twice! :D
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