Mixing and Mastering Contracts?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by diz, Dec 24, 2004.

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    A guy is about to mix and master my CD and I want a contract to make sure everything goes smoothly. Does anyone have any mixing and mastering contracts?
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    We have a "contract" that we have our mastering clients sign but it is bascially concening things like copyrights and payments. I have never had to sign a contract from a client*. What are you hoping to accomplish with this contract?


    *except for non-disclosure.
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    The only thing that maybe of interest to you is at the music legal forms website


    Its an engineer work for hire agreement which basically states that the engineer will receive a one time only payment for services and recognizes that all the copyrights belong to the employer (as stated on the website).

    Personally, I have never been asked to sign such an agreement. Usually the only "contract" that I have ever received or asked for as an engineer is either a purchase order from a management company/production company/record label, which for me is basically a guarantee of payment for services (to be) renderred, or negotiated production points if I have been asked to help produce the project. For cash sessions I will usually ask for a little money up front just to guarantee the client that they have exclusively booked me for the time that they want to work.

    Copyrights, as far as I am concerned, belong to the client/artist unless I have had significant input to the writing of the song/project. And usually those are hopefully pre-arranged.

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