Mixing different qualities of audio from track to track

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  1. I had a few questions about mixing different qualities of songs onto the same album? is there any particular way to go about that? will it sound really off to try to mix songs that are recorded using different techniques?
  2. Spending a few hours with a mastering engineer can smooth over the differences. But there's no rule that states a compilation of songs has to sound like an album. Mixtapes are fun for this very reason.
  3. thank you for your reply.

    i only used album because thats what im trying to go for with the recording. trying to record a cohesive album as a statement on my own
  4. In that case--if you have a few hundred dollars--a qualified mastering engineer may be your best bet as far as getting all the levels similar, spectral balancing* (getting the lows, mids, and highs of the tracks to sound similar), and generally "smoothing over" any rough edges and outstanding frequencies.

    He or she is not, however, a miracle worker. Recordings which have vastly different sonic signatures will still sound that way even after expensive mastering.

    * not to be confused with phantom psychotherapy

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