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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by downflow, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. downflow

    downflow Guest

    Is there a reasonably priced pair of headphones that could be used for mixdown without too much coloration? Or even a pair that isn't reasonably priced? I'm worried if I use speakers, that the sound of my room, or of the speakers will throw me off. For that matter, what is a decent pair of near field monitors going to cost?
  2. NeonCactus

    NeonCactus Guest

    For mixing down in headphones seriously
    go get a pair of those crappy radio shack
    headphones I swear to god if you put them on after listening to some genelecs 1030a's i think it is it's like the same thing only in headphones and i am dead serious when I say this they are true to what
    the genelecs sound like, weird but true tried it with ns10's and wasn't the same but hey it worked with genelecs! i think they are like 30 bucks
    as far as a good pair of monitors well there are soo many brands and prices that i can't really sit here and type all of em but I'll tell you one thing the truer something is coming out of your monitors the better luck you will have in other peoples stereos and cars so if anything i would say don't go cheap on monitors.

    go cheap on anything if you have to except
    These are the most important things!
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    I absolutely would not advise anyone to mix with head phones. This is not a solution to your problems. Coupling effects, exaggerated separation and the fact that you will be hearing sounds arrive from the side rather than from in front are just a few reasons no to do this. As far as radio shack cheapies, hmmm??? I wouldn't do that either. No matter who Chris "swears" to. Not a flame just don't agree. ( I can do that :D ) .... Kurt
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  4. Thom IV

    Thom IV Guest

    I too have heard numerous people recommend NOT mixing down with headphones...not only is damage to your ears much more likely, but it's not possible to get the full 'flavor' of what the mix will truly sound like coming out of speakers (which is how most people usually listen to music, most of the time).

    As far as headphone monitors that provide good coloration (meaning as little as possible--let's face it, any time you convert audio energy into electrical energy or vice versa, you get coloration--the trick is to compensate for it), I've used the Sony MDR 7506 and the AKG 240. Both of these have great sound, IMHO. I personally like the 7506s just because my preference is closed design, whereas the 240s were more of an open design. The 240s are much lighter, and therefore more comfortable for extended sessions.

    Try lots of headphones. Decide on the ones YOU like. Maybe you will like the $20 Radio Shack brand.

  5. Doug Milton

    Doug Milton Active Member

    Sep 23, 2002
    I would also advise against mixing with phones. They may be a good second reference to you, but should probably not be your only way to mix. If you can’t afford serious pro monitors now, you may want to consider a good pair of home theatre speakers. It’s not the best long term solution but will let you hear what the end user will hear. I would trust a pair of $400 Polk bookshelf speakers before I trusted a pair of $400 Monitor Ones. Play several major label CDs that you think sound good as a reference when you mix. We can all offer advice, but the answer is what works best for you….

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