Mixing Guitar Through Mixer.

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by xxdjskulzxx, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Ok, so im using a shure sm57 on the amp. im miking it right and everything, but i need help with knowing what levels on the mixer's hi's mid's and low's to set them on. whats a good level to set them at? i know some mixers are different then others but if anyone can help me please do. sorry if this is hard to understand
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    not sure how helpful i can be (since i dont know the freq ranges on the EQs).

    as far as guitars go:

    up to 180ish is kinda useless
    200-350 is where the beef is at
    from 350 up to the mids is pretty much mud

    which its generally best to keep it kinda low, depending how the mic reacts to the cab and what tone your guitarist is wanting.

    about 800-2.5k is just fullness. for more mellow pop songs and blues good to keep it pretty high, metal could use a slight cut (again depends on amp settings).

    2.5k-6k is where the guitars distinct personaly comes out, slight boost makes it really POP out.

    and above 6k really doesnt do much, sometimes need to cut it back a little but usually can be left alone when miking.

    so probably turn the low down a good bit, enough to clean the signal up (like up to 5dB cut), keep the mid pretty much even, and boost the highs up like 2-3dB.

    just dont go overboard, you dont need that much of a boost/cut in EQs.
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    k thank you :)

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