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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by solomongrundy, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. How is it going everyone. When I mix hip hop tracks I usually do not do alot of panning. Generally I may pan strings, hats, adlibs, and filler instruments. I may use low pass hilters on some things to get rid of any mud I may hear. I use heavy compression on the main voice and then have the same vocal on another track with no compression but the same or similar EQ settings but pretty much naked otherwise. I do not frequently compress much else maybe the kick to add punch or a sample or another instrument here or there to get the continuity that I am looking for. My master effects consist of a Sonic Maximizer (BBE) and maybe a dehisser if I hear a need. The sound I am getting is great and I am really pleased, I question if I could get the sound wider, not by what I hear but what I see on the scope but otherwise I am very pleased. I am writing to get an idea for what some of you do and to see if there is anything else that I should be considering or cautious on.


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  2. Wow where is the love.
  3. ckerian

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    hmmm... to me the BB would have to go. that would be the biggest improvment to your mixes than buying any one single piece of gear.

    the BB is cool on mixes.. for about the first 30 seconds.
  4. Kurt Foster

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    I agree. Get rid of the BBE. Those things were made to help compensate for a lack of high end on recordings done with narrow gauge formats, like cassette 8 track, that were dulled out by use of DBX noise reduction.

    What do you mean when you say "what I see on the scope". ???

    (Rant time) Why do people mix a record using a scope? Audio is an aural experience. Use your ears! (end of rant! It was a short one!)

    It's usually pretty difficult to widen a mix without some stereo elements. Try doing some of your samples or keyboard patches in stereo. Get the beats and background tracks in stereo, or run them through a short reverb or a light chorus to generate some spread. Hope that helps. .... Kurt
  5. Don Grossinger

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    Just remember: if you plan on going to vinyl with any mixes, try to keep the bass & kick mono (right up the middle).
    OK to pan mids & highs to get stereo picture.

    Also I agree with Kurt's (short) rant: dump the scope & use your ears.
  6. Kamabdo

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    Sep 21, 2003
    I totally agree with u guys.. Your main concern should be on how things sound.. **** the way it looks... ive had meters look weird before... u ultimatley have to listen... but to also be honest... its kinda cool to have a good mix going and have something funky going on your scope.. its cool to look at... but u should mix better, and buy a lava lamp!!!! ;)

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