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    Hi Ben,

    Sorry you’re not at the other place. At any rate, I have a simple question about mixing in Sequoia. I am a long time Protools user and making the transition to Sequoia has been quite a challenge. I find the Sequoia manual almost useless.

    What I am trying to do is properly mix or stem to an analog console. I am using a pair Lynx AES16 cards connected to a Trident Series 80b console. Also note that I am using the ASIO driver option.

    Let’s say I have 24 tracks recorded in Sequoia and I want to stem or mix the recorded tracks to the console. In fact let’s go back one more step to the tracking process. If I am using Sequoia like a tape deck, what track record audio option settings should I use? (mono, left or right)

    Now, the mixing process, I guess where the main problem lie is that when a MONO track is output to the console it plays on two channels. For example if channel one is output to the console via ASIO driver output 1 and 2 obviously the ASIO driver outputs are paired(1,2 3-4 etc.), and the Sequoia track is panned hard left, the signal appears in both console channels 1 and 2? I need each track to go to its corresponding input on the console.

    What is the best way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ozzie Bostic
    Sandstorm Entertainment, Inc.
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    Hope you aren't offended by me moving it over here- I think this is a more appropriate forum. I'd like to keep the Acoustic forum just dealing with Acoustic recording issues...

    Now to answer your question:

    In Version 7.xx, Mono is a sum of the left and right sides. Left and right refer to the sides of the stereo pair selected. In version 8, this will be clarified and easier to see (mono will be mono, then there will be a mono-mix option)

    When you output directly, it goes to a stereo pair that you select. If you have output 1+2 selected and you are panned center, you'll see equal output on both sides. If you pan the track to hard left or right, it will come out one of the sides only. If you aren't seeing this, you need to check the Sequoia mixer (ie effect routing, etc...) and the Lynx mixer to make sure everything is set correctly.

    Your options when mixing on an external console are- hard panning for individual tracks; routing to a bus and outputting a stereo sum of channels; or sending multiple tracks out a single output in which case you are basically busing to a pair but without the bus channel in the program....

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    No Problem Ben,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Ozzie Bostic
    Sandstorm Entertainment, Inc.

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