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  1. For some reason when i playback the track i recorded through the monitors, it sounds real fat and full, mixed and EQ'd great, but when it gets put to CD so i can hear how it sounds through car speakers or my cd player at home, it always seems off, mixed improperly and EQ'd less as well.

    I am listening to the track at a fairly low volume so it just doesn't "sound good cause it's loud." Any help on this issue would be great!

    Lt. Dan
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    You guys are right, I take back what I said
  3. RecorderMan

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    Mar 28, 2001

    uhhh................. no. Absolutely not.

    What IS happening is that you are hearing why mixing is NOT a

    Your mixes are not "translating."

    This means that you are mixing too much for the room and monitors you are on. For a mix to translate is must sound good everywhere. It will NOT sound the same (exactly) anywhere..but a great mix translates well everywhere.

    In other words... a great mix on NS10's should be bright..with not a lot of info below 80hz, and vocals loud. Because that is what those speakers sound like. If you were mixing on them in a room with poor bass response and made the mix fat and full your mix would sound dull and bass heavy everywhere else.

    It has zero to do with the difference between (example above) 24bit/48Khz and 16bit/44.1Khz.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    RecorderMan, is absolutely right! Every one of us who is worth the salt on their recordings, monitors through numerous different monitor speakers including bouncing out to our cars. Many of us need many different frames of references to make our mixes translate well to everything. It sounds like you're definitely compensating for inadequate monitors and bad room acoustics? Basically it all comes down to the directions to Carnegie hall. Practice Practice Practice and one day may be your mixes will sound like something other than crap?

    We were all there once like you. Thank God it was only once!
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. 2012

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    Monitoring through Grandma's Bel-Tone

    Try listening through grandma's bel-tone. Forget ADAMs & Genelecs.
    The clarity that is bel-tone is unsurpassed & reigns supreme.


    You'll want to check your mixes on at least as many systems as you have access to.

    A regular pair of computer speakers or cheap headphones would be a good place to start to check your mixes on, because you are used to them, and because a good portion of listeners will probably be using something similar. And you probably have those things lying around already.
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