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  1. I have mbox2 mini and protools. I record my guitar first and then vocals on input 1. The problem I am having is when the mix knob is all the way to the left I can hear the guitar live with no delay, which is good. But when I go to record vocals all the way to the left, I cant hear the guitar anymore. The further I turn it to the right the louder the guitar gets and the more delay on vocals. How can I get a straight sound with no delay for the input, how will I be able to record?
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    Not sure but you would likely get a better response at the digidesign forum, not trying to be rude just helpful.
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    You may have already found the DAE buffer and hardware settings that will slightly improve the process. Like anything else there are trade-offs. But I'm sorry to say, "no delay" isn't possible with the MBox, I don't think the USB interface is fast enough. What you're hearing is the latency in the transfer of all that data and all you can do is find a "happy medium" on the playback level. Somewhere in the middle you should hear enough of the pre-recorded track you're playing along with, and the live instrument you're playing.

    Good luck.
  4. Mute the track you are recording in protools. The MBOX works by splitting the signal before the AD converter, so you have a 0 latency signal to monitor. Then the "mix" pot will set the mix between source signal and DAW playback. You'll also probably want to hit the "mono" button so that your voice comes to both the right and left speaker of your headphones. Hope this helps. Cheers. -J
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    Small buffer times when recording. No effects. No nothing. Larger buffer times when mixing. Not quite wash and wear.

    Brighter colors. Whiter whites.
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