Mixing Strategy

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    Mixing Strategy

    This is an excellent tutorial on how to mix ITB or OTB.
    Why we create groups, why we link or don't link compressors and the value of input and output VCA Faders.
    Also compression ratios explained between your instrument sub groups in relation to the Vox bus, keeping your vocals and the relationship between your effects and vocals balanced and upfront no matter what your volumes are.
    Vocal to Instrument Ratio
    Very informative Video.

    Dave Rat describes a setup/mixing strategy for large rock shows that helps keep your mix together.
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    Very informative. Should be obligatory viewing for live sound engineers.

    I really like what he's doing with VCA's, in a sense, a kind of parallel compression, which allows him to control the amount of reduction - or the amount of a "more open" dynamic control. That's a very intelligent way to set up his mix.

    Also, by creating VCA's for FX, it gives him total control of the levels of the FX, so if he's turning down the vocals, he's not bound by the amount of the FX remaining at the set level.

    Don't let the fact that he looks like Sean Penn's Jeff Spiccoli character from Fast Times At Ridgemont High fool you.... LOL


    Dave Rat is one very smart guy.

    IMO ;)


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