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    i was wondering how do engineers get that "in front of your face" sound on vocalists. i am currently mixing down a friend of mine that did a rap on one of my beats. i compressed his track a bit, then sent it to two aux tracks to one panned left and one panned right and slightly lowered the level. any other tips or advice you can give me please!!

    i already had the beat mixed down and really doesnt need any mixing.
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    Why sending it to 2 AUX? It should be a mono recording and that already comes from L&R speakers.
    A strong voice in-the-Face might need:
    a fitting mic, pre-amp, EQ-ing, reverb, chorus, pitchshift, voice intonation & timing, compression, limiting and a matching mix of the other tracks, as well ...
    Where do you want to start? Could we have a sample?
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