mLan or ADAT!?

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    OK, I am looking into syncing my DM1000 with a new DAW and can't decide whether to purchase the MY16mLan card and be done with it, or purchase the MY16AT ADAT card as well as an additional RME 9652 ADAT card for my computer and go that route. It seems adat is a safer, more stable, and more of an industry standard type route, but is it worth the extra $600? mLan seems a very enticing concept, but it seems all the companies that were signed off on it are running scared, leaving Yamaha holding the bag. This scares me to invest my money here (even though its less money) if 2 yrs later, my technology will be obsolete. Thoughts???

    Also, if I later want to add 8 more digi i/o's to my setup, how should I go about doing that? Was wanting a Presonus DigiMax FS initially, but to incorporate that I would definitely need the MY16AT card as well as the ADAT i/o's on my computer, correct? If that's the case, could I go with something like the Presonus FireStudio instead and go in the existing MY16mLan? or would I need a seperate mLan card for these 8 channels to go in the dm1000 and out to the computer's 2nd 1394(for channels 17-24)?

    If my questions don't make sense, please let me know =)
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    Hi DocRoc,

    I had the same dilemma and decided to go with mLAN. You may be right about mLAN not having become the industry standard that Yamaha wants it to be. They still demo mLAN with even their big digital live consoles. To Yamaha it is still very serious business.

    To use more mLAN units, you can daisychain them like you do with FW units. The number of channels you can handle depends on a couple of things, like the number of mLAN devices in your chain (16 cahnnels per MY 16 mLAN card) and the capacity of the FW chip in your computer (4 tabs support 32 channels). It would however be much easier to find units with ADAT ports to augment your i/o facilities.

    You can read more about mLAN here.

    Or even download a manual from Yamaha.

    I find it really hard to point you in one direction or the other. RME was high on my list too. What made me decide for mLAN is that it is easy to connect and I can use it with any computer that has a good FW chip in it, even laptops, though you have to be picky. I also circumvented a lot of technical problems that plagued PCI slots about two years ago (the whole nForce4 thing and Intels 915 chipset).

    To be honest, I have had second thoughts. For now I just do with what I have and invest my money in other things. My setup is stable. I even recorded a live event with it last saturday. 10hrs on site and no problems whatsoever.

    If it will be obsolete, I don't know. It might end up proprietary Yamaha stuff (almost), but then again, so is ProTools (almost).

    Good luck.

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