Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by stedel, Apr 15, 2002.

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  1. stedel

    stedel Guest

    If you’ve clicked MODERATOR STEDEL’S INNER SANCTUM button, then you’re probably in a state of shock. Either you did this accidently and have ended up here by mistake, and are now thinking - "Where the ^#$% am I?" (I know there are nicer ways to say this, but most people seem to know what you mean by this up here) – or how do I get out of here… fast.

    OR…you clicked MODERATOR STEDEL’S INNER SANCTUM button deliberately,
    and feel a need to talk about something to me.

    Maybe something that I said?
    Something that I did?
    Something that you disagree with, or something you’d like to talk about – but not on the post you’re on at the time (so as not to hi-jack the original Topic Postee’s post).

    Either way, whatever "Why?", or "What?" , brought you here, welcome.

    When I say "having fun" in business, you do this right? Have fun while doing business? No? Poor Sod. Have a cup of tea….Sit down…somewhere else…. :cool:
  2. stedel

    stedel Guest

    OK so my first opening post here. Did that seem friendly enough?
    Hmm. You know I've seen a few Drama Queen posts on RO in the last two weeks. I think I'll have a little go here, quietly by myself.

    Hi. I’m "Moderator Stedel" If any of you have issues with my style, if maybe you find it too abrupt, scathing, irreverent or just
    a. plain dumb and blunt,
    b. obtuse,
    c. long winded,
    d. sounding as if I’m on drugs, too much coffee,
    e. entering into some schizophrenic experience,
    f. somebody who knows **** all about this business and who should be a "clothes designer" (and what’s WRONG with THAT?)…
    g. some gunslinger Bad cowboy dude who’d just as soon shoot you as fart in your general direction
    h. contains too many listings

    Well hey, tell me.

    Do I have any problems with what people have also claimed in public about me? About what they’ve said about me, my personal and professional reputation, members of my family, friends, and Country?
    No, course not.

    I am STEDEL AUTOBOT: A passionless, heartless, souless, dead, rotting piece of Star Trek Junk. that sits here and does’nt give a "****" about peoples hearts, their soul,
    their dead,, their living, their studio, their enjoyment of their work, their equipment, their instruments, or whether or not they’re going to be bothered to reply to anything that I post up here.

    All I care about is numbers, or an ego driven race to accumulate, by body count, some sort of hybrid Five Star General/Recording Industry Star Status - that will what? Allow Free Manley Passive’s to drop out of the sky and fall in my lap? Hmm. Not a bad idea. Sounds cool to me.

    It’s OK, BTW, - I’m not an "AUTOBOT". It was a joke. I’m not. So don’t go spreading rumours like "Stedel’s an Autobot"…or I’ll track you down and "rip yer bloody arms off". That was a reference to a very funny old TV show over here BTW. I didn’t mean I’d rip yer bloody arms off anybody. You have to be sooo careful up here sometimes.
  3. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Jackson Browne – Somebody’s Baby
    Steppenwolf – Born To be Wild
    Stevie Wonder –Superstition
    Van Halen – Jump.

    Moderator Stedel Clocks("Bundy’s") On. 12.50pm, Eastern Australian Time, Wednesday April 17 2002.
    Hmm. I’m writing this in a Microsoft Word document, that I’ll transfer up to RO when I finish.

    Wow! What a time to become a Moderator up here. Blood, sacrifices, martyrs, hero’s, villains, accusations, threats of legal action, predictions of RO falling like a Canadian House of Playing Cards into the dust of Chris’s (a.k.a. "audiokid’s), bank account, never to reappear. And the things some people have said about him! And me! And Son of Smarwg! And others!….Hmm…just as well I’ve got Stevie Wonder playing here..very cat cross my trail. The ghost is around somewhere. If she hears this song, she’ll come groovin’ along for the ride.

    Stop me if you've heard this before, I don't want to bore you, but if my posts from here, till when I return here and log out of RO (let’s see how long this will be on this sojourn) seem a bit strange…it’s because I’m on a brand of a drug that I’m taking much too much excessively at the moment – nicotine. I just went up to my local pub, cos I’d run out of the ones I normally smoke (Peter Stuyvesant Soft Pack Filter) and tragedy! They’d run out. So I got Benson & Hedges Special Filter instead.
    Luckily I caught clips of the above songs and performers on the cable TV there. Cool. That drummer in Steppenwolf played with a lot of energy, and a good drummer too!
    I’ll post on the Stephen Paul Audio Forum whilst I’m up here. Got a question about the vocal mic Jackson was using.

    Folks, is it just me, but does anybody else up here really like….David Lee Roth? I think he’s really cool. I’ll be talking about this in different places on this trip. If you’d like to talk to me about my thing with David Lee Roth, or Eddies Oberheim keyboard, hey, I might need some professional advice here!

    Cool. OK. First stop, Rick Hammangs post up on The Fairlight Forum.

    (Dead Link Removed)
  4. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Hmm. OK logging off now. A bit earlier than expected. I've been over on the City Hall Forum.
    And I've ended up back here a bit pissed off (as you say) with what's been going on up here lately.

    My last post was on Son of Smarwg's Topic about him being the New Moderator

    (Dead Link Removed)

    I'm going to get back to my life for a while.
    Bye. Thanks for the memories!!! :cool:
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    First chance I've had to go "slumming" over here in the DAW side of the tracks. Nothin' personal, I just figure I already spend way to much time in ProTalk alone. I don't wanna get hooked on this as well. Fortunately, I have no knowledge of anything Fairlight, not more than a vague interest at this time, since I'm kind of committed (financially and technically) to Pro Tools for the forseeable future.

    But good luck!
  6. stedel

    stedel Guest

    Cool I'm back. And I've brought my real life with me.
    It's 4.30pm Eastern Australia time.
    I'm going to see Son Of Smarwg about a couple of things, over on CITY HALL in ProTalk World.

    What has been going on up here at RO?
    The changes being made. What's at stake? What could you could loose, what could you gain.

    MOD/NOTE: What am I trying to get going here on the Fairlight Forum?

    There are many links being put up by me. It is difficult sometimes to achieve a cohesive pattern of links.

    Thay will be listed sometime soon.

    In the meantime, for all you Fairlight Forum users, Fairlight owners, Fairlight Wannabees,truck drivers, girls and boys who want new toys -
    if you're interested, and prepared for confusion, blood, sacrifice, David Lee Roth, gear PIMPS, Gear WHORES, and Flames, then come along. Sounds like Heaven doesn't it? "Specially the flames.....

    You'll find the CITY HALL link here:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Kind regards
  7. bette

    bette Guest

    Hi moderator stedel,

    I don´t know much about the things you are talking about, but I can say that: IT`S NOT MY FAULT!!! I don´t have the TIME to read all the stuff you are posting here, stedel! Sorry ´bout that. Maybe it ´s not too bad to shorten your messages after writing them? Keeping the main things, throwing away some others? Maybe featuring the fairlight stuff in mind in the fairlight forum? No, forget the last, but I´m curious about the things happening here, and I can´t afford to read all your posts cause of their length. It´s a pity. I should take lessons in fast reading. So don´t think I´m out. I´m here. Trying to follow you.
  8. stedel

    stedel Guest



    Concrete Blonde- Andrew Prieboy "Tomorrow Wendy"
    "I'm listening to a band:
    I mean really listening to it.From the fret buzz left on the first beat of the second bar, to the clarity of the chimes, cymbals,& triangles. Big Flanging, quite severely chorused guitars - that sound really pretty, speak of a big night sky, black and full of silver: an ambient effect created by very considered. and careful layering of reverb.

    And poetry & blood.As always these are tricky times for people like you and me.

    The band startS quietly, with accoustic instruments, then bass and organ. And than a magic voice.
  9. stedel

    stedel Guest


    "and I can´t afford to read all your posts cause of their length. It´s a pity. I should take lessons in fast reading. So don´t think I´m out. I´m here. Trying to follow you."

    I've gone through and edited most of my posts since you made this reply. Hopefully they are a lot more readable and to the point. I'm just beggining to feel "settled in" as Moderator. I can be..."enthusiatic/excessive?".. sometimes
    Please let me know if you find things a bit more
    succinct for you in the next few weeks.

    BTW, nice photo of you on Digi's "Wanted" poster!

    What is it the sworn duty of an RO MODERATOR?(well at least this one):

    Order, clarity, good times, and getting our hands on whatever little pieces of 20th & 21st Century Music Playing & Recording Technology helps us be happier human beings. So that we can get "that" sound.
    What Sound?
    Glad you asked that Question.
    We carry a badge. Silver.

    To anybody else - here's a couple of links:

    1. Rick Hammang's Post here on the FAIRLIGHT FORUM:
    (Dead Link Removed)

    2. Changes:
    (Dead Link Removed)
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