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    I just want to get this clarified how this is done. I am rather dense, so bear with me.
    If I were to get a Mackie Mdr, Hdr, or Sdr and a mixer, like a mackie 32-8, How would I go about hooking it up?
    I have stereo mains right, would I have to physically patch the stereo out of the mixer to the two channels that I want to record to. How would I record eight, 16, 24 tracks at once?
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    Thanks for the quick response. I am not planning on building a modular system. I have toyed with the idea from time to time, and it just intrigues me. Hence I don't know the first thing about real world mixers.
    But since we are on the subject, would a smaller mixer, like the 1204 also have direct outs? Once again, I am just asking for the sake of gaining extra knowledge.
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    The 1204 doesn't have direct outs. You may however use the inserts plugged in to the first click as a pre amp send on any channel. This can be done with all Mackie mixers and most of the other pro sumer boards on the market. The 1604 has directs on the first 8 channels. In the case of your 32-8 I would look into setting up a patch bay. This is a panel that all your connections in your studio come up to. Seek the help of a professional studio installation expert in your area to do this. There are many options regarding setting this up in terms of what type of bays you use 1/4", long frame, tiny telephone (T.T aka; bantam). Unless you have a lot of experience this can be very easy to do incorrectly. An investment in this area will pay off in the end in ease of use of your system. Good luck with your system, if we can help in any other way let us know. Fats :w:
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