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  1. I'm sure this might have been covered previously, but I wasn't sure how to look it up, as it involves both my monitor, and a pair of monitors.

    We have a portable recording set-up, and it usually involves putting both the computer monitor and the audio monitors on the portable rack...side by side, with the comp monitor inbetween.

    Naturally, a good bit of noise ensues...not actual recorded noise, just playback noise. What can I do to reduce this? Is there a better position to put the monitors in? Is there a shield to put between a comp monitor and audio monitors? What are some good suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    In answer to your question, computer monitors and TV sets should be kept away from all audio equipment. Your speakers and their heavy magnets can distort the picture on computer monitors and TV sets causing them to get permanently magnetized and giving you a horrible picture. Conversely, or the high-voltage circuitry and heavy magnetic fields in computer monitors and TV sets injects terrible noises into audio equipment. You can purchase " shielded" speakers but not generally computer monitors or television sets. There really isn't anything you can conveniently place between them. So there you go.

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    (just some interference from my computer monitor above)
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    WiFi on?

    I dunno if your computer has WiFi of any kind but disabling Wireless LAN might help.

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