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  1. I am have been using a pair of Event Electronics TR6 for almost a year now without any issues.

    Lately it seems that they are never at the same volume no matter how carefully I adjust them. Even when they are both cranked at full volume and send something panned down the middle the left speaker is way louder.

    I was thinking about running said sound thru the pair and the using a mic and a preamp to watch the vu meter to adjust them to the same volume.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?
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    Grab a Radio Shack dB meter. Guitar Center has a decent one now also.

    Crank up some pink so the left monitor reads 85dB at the mix position.

    Adjust the right one to match.

    Start turning up and down and see if they continue to match.

    If they don't, you may have a bad/dirty volume control.
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    Dec 13, 2004
    I have those exact same monitors and had a similar problem. I swapped left location for right and found it was the room making the volume difference. I have a stuffed dog that my daughter gave me for the studio and I had it setting next to the right monitor for a while and noticed a HUGE difference when I moved it. Amazing what causes problems.

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