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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by quinto, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. quinto

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    I have been using headphones for about a year now because I have been too cheap to buy any monitors. Well I'm ready to buy now and would like to hear what you guys suggest. I don't mind spending what I need to and don't want to buy somthing twice if you know what I mean. I am using them in a spare room in my house that has no treatment at all. Thanks.
  2. Scoobie

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    Sep 6, 2006

    The frist thing that comes to mind is , Budget. How much do you want to spend. This can get very very expensive.

    Don't do what i did and buy 4or5 pairs of monitors before you get a decent pair.

    That being said, I like my mackies 824's. IMO, they are about the best monitors for the money in that price range. And you won't need a Sub. Spending any less sure won't get you much.


    P.S. You will needs some room treatment(Bass traps)
    And don't mix with headphones
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    Feb 23, 2001
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    Serve yourself and use the search engine, topic has been discussed many times...

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