monitor Hz Correction Tools? Questions.

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by ocdstudios, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. ocdstudios

    ocdstudios Active Member

    Nov 3, 2009

    so while on this latest project (and same issue with the last one) I have had it with my frequency problem.

    I need some solutions.

    No I don't have a big dollar sound treated room, but have taken the time to learn what it sounds like for the most part. It's just this one area I have a consistant issue with...

    I have Alesis M1 620's and a M-Audio BX10s sub. I CONSISTANTLY have a mid problem. almost always centered somewhere between 500-1000Hz. and almost ALWAYS fixable within about 1-2.5 db. I always have to do a revision or two after refrencing on other systems. (computer, car, shop stereo, wifes car, truck, etc.) There are a few of my stereos that almost anything will sound good on, but the general consistant trend is that the mixes are always too middy and things like dist guitars come out annoyingly harsh. (and vocals somewhat "cotton-ball mouthy")

    I have turned on the Mid boost on the 620's. I have not cut the highs, they are neutral - I am used to them being somewhat bright.

    Should I cut the highs so the mids stand out more? what about a low cut as well (only on the 620's) to also accent the mids? I can't boost the mids any more on the 620's. no level control only a switch.

    Big question is - I have seen auto-correcting monitors but is there a program to use with your set-up and a mic in the position of you head (of the focal point behind it) to help adjust your system (although - if I am out of adjustment how would I "adjust" it - plug-in eq on the stereo out maybe?) I realize you would have to take into accout the fequency responce of your mic and subtract that from any fequency response graph from doing this test.

    I am not sure I even made any sense there but if anyone actually understood what I am trying to say, your help is appreciated.

    I would really be nterested in seeing a graph of the fequency response my head "sees" while at the mix posistion. and then of course fixing the issues...

    Matt in GA
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