monitor mix for singers who hate headphones?

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  1. hey I have seen singers(James Hetfield of Metallica) in the studio tracking vocal takes without head phones and I want to do thid for my singer as well. he says the phones make him a little more uptight and to have a set of speakers playing at him would make it feel more like the band is in the room with him. I know there is a way to phase cancel the speakers out of the mix after you have trackes the vox but ho do i set this up for my singer and still get the seperation of the vox from the play back?
    thanks for any help or advice!
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    Send the singer a mono signal to two boxes equidistant from the mic. Flip the ploarity on one box.
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    Or use a figure 8 mic and fire the monitor in from one side. I put a baffle up close to the back-side of the mic to keep too much "room" from getting into the vocal.

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