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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by elemnt_x, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Hey I have 300 to spend on a set of monitors. I know this is very limiting, but I got what I got (hey im a hobbyist and a realist). I have been looking along the lines of maudio bx5's, the yamaha msp5's, and a little at passive stuff. I have a set of nice infinity biampable speakers (IL10's, cost $400), but they are standard home audio stuff, not reference monitors. Do you think I could get good results out of these if I purchased a nice amp, like a hafler model? I mean as cheap as the other active monitors are this setup might be just as good? I will have a nice amp, and all I need to do in the future is upgrade the speakers... What do you guys think?

    Also, an unrelated sub question...
    I have only ever toyed around with home-audio subs, like in surround sound setups, and they just have basic phase, volume, and a crossover setting. My question is, how do you get accurate bass levels, for instance if the volume was set a little high on the sub during mixing, when you played it back in a different setup, you would be lacking that bass? How would you set these levels? Thanks guys!
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    99.99% of all 'Hi-Fi' speakers are designed to flatter or enhance the music being played through them. The reason for this is because 99.99% of people listen to music in non-acoustically treated environments. Studio monitors should give you a no nonsense account of what's going on, ie. no flattery. This is because monitors are built (or at least should be) with a flat or close to flat frequency response. 'Near Feilds' are good for this as in an untreated environment they should be able to give you very good accuracy if used correctly.

    For your budget, I like the BX5's but I think if you shop around you might find the Alesis M1 mkII's for this price and IMO they're unbeatable at this price point.

    Good Luck.
  3. Sidhu

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    Mar 22, 2004
    New Delhi, India
    u cud look at the Event TR5. Piked up the TR6 recently and am very happy so far. The TR5 sounded very good to.

    If u are looking for somethink loud and impressive but subject to debate look the Behringer Truths.

    A lot of ppl love em, say there is no comparison in value for money terms.

  4. Ellegaard

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    Feb 17, 2004
    Central Copenhagen
    I'm using Behringer Truth. I found them more linear than the Alesis in the same price range, and they are extremely powerful (although picking the 'loudest' monitors makes no sense). The M-Audio BX5s lacked bass and sounded too flimsy in my ears in comparation to the other monitors. I'd stay far away from Tapco - they are horrific.

    Lots of people like the Event monitors. Haven't had a chance to hear them, but I certainly would consider them.

    Most important is that you get to hear the monitors. Bring your favorite music to compare the available monitors to each other. Be sure also to bring some acoustic music, like orchestral music, chamber music, piano, vocal or something to check how linear the frequency response acually is.
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