Monitor recommendations for mastering spoken word anyone?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by StevenGurg, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I mainly do spoken word recordings and have reached the point of needing to upgrade my monitors. Last week I visited Sounds True in Boulder to discuss a project I am recording for them. In their control room I was impressed by both the room acoustics and the Genelec monitors as I listened/watched as they recorded another artist. It got me thinking about replacing the Event PS8 monitors that I have been using... it got me thinking that I need to replace these speakers. Any advice about monitors for spoken word work?
    Thank you, in advance, for all that reply.
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    Whether it's spoken word, music or crickets chirping, I'd recommend "full size" full-range, non-nearfield loudspeakers in a decently tuned room.

    "On the cheap" - B&W 602.5's or 603's. Around $1,000 for a pair. Great sound, nice lows (slightly better on the 603's), floorstanding, but a small footprint (probably need to lift on blocks to ear level depending on the size of the room).

    Hook those up to a nice amp with lots of headroom and maybe a decent powered sub (I've seen Velodyne VX-10's for some ridiculously low prices UNDER $150 recently) and you've got a nice, full-range yet "real world" system that should give good translation once it's "absorbed" into your brain.

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