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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by raymond3, Feb 7, 2005.

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    could use some advice as i am shopping for new monitors
    my studio _ small room (twelve x fifteen) used to track guitar five_string bass to drum loops

    I am comparing three monitors (event twenty twenty bass _ and studio precision eight and six)

    since i have a small room__would i be better off with the six inch drivers of the prec six?
    the precision eight have a slightly better low end response thirty_five hz
    how does the twenty twenty bas model compare to the new precision eight?
    the twenty twenty bas has a slightly better low end than the precision six (thirty eight hz)
    accuracy in the low end is important to me_ but i am a little concerned that all of the endorsers for the precision series (almost all) are hip hop producers __ nothing against it but the music i mix is not about blowing the doors off my car __ so are these models bass hyped at all?
    will eight inch drivers muddy up the room
    ok enough talk from me
    which would you go with and has anyone had a chance to compare the models?
    ps __ how much difference does five hz make in the low end ?
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    I wrote a review of the ASP 8 some time ago.
    I don´t think the bass is hyped at all, but this does of course depend on your room. The 20/20 seems to be pretty popular with people mainly working with classcial music and Studio Precision series is quite OK for classical/acoustic music too. I am not saying these are the best monitors out there, but in they perform very well and are worth checking out.
    Those 5 extra HZ or so does not really make that much difference unless you consider that this probably means the speaker can present the range from 40hz -80 HZ a fair bit better.
    If your room is very small I recommend you consider the ASP6. You should of course test every one of these at home, in your studio, before you make a decision.
    I suggest you test these monitors with music in the same genre your are working in, and if the monitors are actually letting you understand some of the production details better, then you are on the right track. You should be able to hear what others REALLY did on those records.
  3. raymond3

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    re: event monitors

    To : elektro80

    Thanks for the thoughtful response.
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