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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by CassandraComplex, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I use Acid Pro 6. When recording with my MIDI keyboard I have no problems. I can hear everything I'm doing. Yet, when I record vocals (I use a Behringer UCA-202 USB interface) I can't hear anything. I can SEE that the system is recording because of the meters and waveforms being shown. This is the question: the UCA-202 has an output of 2 RCA plugs that aren't being used. Could I send this output to the open MIC jack on my Turtle Beach Riviera 5.1 surround sound card?
  2. BluepryntEnt

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    yes, its the only way the sound is going to get recorded
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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Yes, you could. Could ignore this troll.

    I wouldn't advise it because the soundcard is likely to cause headaches with it not being designed for recording.
    That said the Behringer is likely to cause headaches.

    How are you hearing (or attempting to), through what and plugged into where?

    When you record vocals do they actually record to disk and you just can't hear:
    - the playback of existing tracks, or
    - the live monitoring of your vocals as you sing?
    - (or both)
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    i actually have v.6, so you can take my info, or a guess from a hippacret, use your sound card tilt you can get a better one, like i said yes you can input in to your pc
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    You can, but it will be mono, and will have to turn the gain way down, and the tone may be off. The mic jack on a consumer sound card has one pin for power, one for ground and one for signal. The mini line in connector is 2 signals (left and right) and a ground.

    To get it to work either connect your UCA-202 to your speakers/headphones or select the Turtle Beach as your master bus output device in Acid. It seems that you only have it selected as your default MIDI device.

    I would recommend getting rid of your Turtle Beach card. You will have trouble when multi-tracking. Skips, out of sync tracks, clicks pops, latency etc. It's not worth it.

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