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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by nanno977, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. nanno977

    nanno977 Guest

    Hi there, the q is, if i want to have good low sound it has to be a 8"
    but t get better mid sounds it should be 6", or at least that's what i've heared while tryin out as many monitors as i can.
    So what is the really best choice b-tween them.
    Or should i buy some full range speakers?(Twetter - Squawker - Woofer) and forget about two way systems.
    hope you can help me in this without confusing me more:p
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Well, Not only is the 8' speaker better for low end, but the cabinet it is in is bigger which allows better LF response. I don't know what speakers you were listening to, but there is plenty of mid range in 8" speakers. In just about every case 8" wins over 6" in my opnion.

    I prefer 2-way systems for near field monitors. They just to seem to be more in line with what most people have and listen to music in their homes.
  3. nanno977

    nanno977 Guest

    OK that was just what i thought about it, so i should do this, get some 8" two way monitor speakers.
    ps:more comments are welcome as well, just to feel safer about what i'm going to buy.
  4. KB

    KB Guest

    6 or 8 .....Umm... I think you should consider your working space first... sometime the bigger is not the right one for small room.
  5. dasbin

    dasbin Guest

    I wouldn't judge the monitors by their driver size anyway, within reason. Some of the very small monitors (MSP5's come to mind) definitely do have diminished bass response as a result of their size.
    My experience with the smaller, cheaper monitors has been that I prefer most of the 6" ones to the 8" ones. I am definitely not a fan of the Mackie HR824's, for example. The bass is rather artificial and flabby compared to my YSM1's and the midrange isn't nearly as nice. The bass is certainly STRONGER on the Mackies (artifically so, IMHO) but not as tight. Same deal with the Event 8" monitors. But I attribute both of these more to the monitor design than to the size of the woofer. I haven't heard a 2-way systm with a big woofer than I've liked, but that doesn't mean they're not out there, particularily with the more high-end monitors.
    And then, when we start talking 3-way systems, that's a whole different ballgame...

    This just seems like a big silly discussion. You should be using your ears to pick monitors, anyway, not other people's opinions, and LEAST of all other people's opinions on something as trivial and scientific as woofer diameter. Size does not a good man make!
  6. nanno977

    nanno977 Guest

    ok i see your point, but i still like both, but the 8 for low end it sounds lot better than 6, and vice versa when talking about mid hig range, so maybe i should get both and use them when i think i should , Right?.
    god im getting a bit confused here, again.
  7. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    Just buy from a friendly retailer that has a 30 day exchange policy. Maybe you can even put 2 different pairs on your credit card, and return the pair you don't like. Guitar Center can be cool for situations like these (as long as you are not trying Mics or Harmonicas!).

    At the very least, LISTEN before you buy. This will give you a very loose idea of their general charachter. The speakers will sound very different once you put them in your room, so it is good to physically compare in YOUR room (not at the store)!

    "Large Bass" due to corner loading in a small room can be easily compensated for, but a lack of low end response can reap havock on your mixes. Large Bass can be a problem, but it is managable. This is likely why most perceive a lack of midrange in larger woofered systems (Overbearing Bass can mask midrange in improperly set-up systems). The larger speaker is "flat" to lower frequencies, and the room is still adding the same room gain as it would to a smaller speaker with a reduced low frequency response. Result? A Bass Heavy system (The System includes the room!).

    Midrange is debateable with quicker trasient response of a slightly lighter 6" woofer, but any good 8" woofer (NOT a sub) will reach up to 2-4KHz easily.

    The system sound as a whole (drivers, crossover, amps, enclosure, room) is more important than "What size woofer?". Buy what your EARS like best, not what your eyes like better. :cool:
  8. nanno977

    nanno977 Guest

    My room is has a very good acustic treatment done by the sonex crew in argentina, so the room influence is not a factor.
    THe size of the room is good enough 3 1/2 meters square, after isolation and treatment.
    Let's say that a good 8" woofer will do his work in here with a cool low end without masking midrange.
    M i right?
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