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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by TC, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. TC

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    I'm shopping for new nearfields (finally replacing NS-10s) for my studio. I'm looking in the "around $1,000 - up - to - $1500 - maybe" range. I went to 2 stores today and listened. I heard the Mackie 624s and 824s, the Genelec 1030s and 1029s, Tannoy Reveals, Event TR5s, and a few others.
    I found the Genelec 1030s to be noticeably superior and noticeably higher in price (around $1800/pr.). The Mackies seemed hyped on the high end, the 1029s didn't kill me (not only when compared to the 1030s), and the Tannoys' lower mids became unpleasant to me pretty quickly.
    Surprisingly, the Event TR5s held their own in this company and only cost $300/pr., but none compared with the 1030s.
    Do I bite the bullet and spring for the Genelec 1030s? Any opinions? Anything else I should try to listen to?
  2. route909

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    Yeah. Dynaudio. Westlake.
    I´ve only been impressed by the Dynaudio BM15 and AIR10 in the category between $2500 and $5000. Then again, I haven´t heard that many speakers... ;) I liked the HR824 till I got new DIY speakers for my studio. The 824s, along with Genelec 1031s sound kinda hyped compared to the Dynaudio speakers.

  3. TC

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Is 'DIY' the same as Dynaudio?

  4. route909

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    DIY is short for "Do It Yourself¨" ;) Home made speakers.

  5. Mats Im a DIY guy myself but I have a little question for you. How much do you have to pay to build your own good speakers? Im a friend of booth wood and electrics so it would be nice to know more about building your own speakers. Is there any drawings on the net on speakers?

  6. basper

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    Here is a link for you with the added benefit of getting a slight brush-up on your danish:

    (It's passive near-field monitor using an Ejvind Skaaning - the father of Dynaudio - woofer and a Morel tweeter.)
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    I highly recommend that you check out the Dynaudio BM6A's. They are around $1500 (if you shop around) and are fantastic. The best price that I found on them was at They are very competitive with their prices, and ship quickly (highly recommended). I had ordered a pair of Mackies (824's) and they got lost. So...around that time I saw all of the negative posts on this site regarding the low end on the Mackies and did some searching. Several respected folks that I spoke with said the Dynaudio BM6's are the way to go for the money. Rip Rowan wrote a review of them at the link below. I find his reviews to be good (he slams stuff when it deserves to be slammed and praises it when it's good). A lot of reviewers seem to be paid by the manufacturer's, but I've not found that with Rip's reviews. The only negative feedback that he had about these is the price which he has listed as $2500 (retail price). Since you can get them for $1500, that is not really an issue. Good luck in your decision making.


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