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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by mrb1946, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    Hey there. I have been looking to get ny first pair of monitors for about a month now and I have been looking at the Alesis M1 Active mkII's the whole time because that is what my Sweetwater rep was reccomending. Since then I have found 3 other pairs that I seen to like. I am mixing rock and metal. The 4 monitors I am looking at are the Alesis M1 Active mkII's, the Behringer Truth 2130A, the Mackie MR5, and the Rokkit RP5. I plan on going to Guitar Center to listen to these monitors this weekend. So do any of you have any experiences with these monitors? If so, please tell me about it.

  2. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    I own a pair of Rokit RP5's and I don't have a complaint as of this point in time. I used to have problems with crackling, but I came to the realization that it was the source files and not the monitor creating artifacts of their own. They do what they are meant to and look pretty damn sexy while doing it. They're also pretty loud, about halfway of the total output of my interface the cones begin to visibly move and thump and after two thirds they really begin to pump and move some air. Not that it's all about being loud, but it's a neat party trick anyway. The only thing that is lacking a bit is the high end, it's not bad, but you will notice a dropoff in response after 15KHz or so.
  3. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    hmm.. ok, thanks for the advice. What kind of music are you mixing?
  4. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    I'm all over the place, some acoustic, some rock, some metal. Whatever I feel musically that day.
  5. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    Alright. I was checking because from what I have read most people are using the Rokits for Hip-Hop and stuff. Do you have the 1st Generation or the 2nd?
  6. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    I have the G2. I have heard of people using these for hip hop as well, but mostly in home studios. I would attribute that more to the effect of them being a solid yet budget solution for a home studio rather than meant for a certain genre.
  7. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    I had the first generation Rokits for several years (RP6s), they served me well on everything from folk to extremely distorted indie rock. For the price, they are very good value. I think Remy had a pair of RP5s at one point, and she's a REAL audio/mastering engineer person. You know, with serious skills. Whichever monitors you choose, learning their quirks, acoustically treating your room, and focusing on improving your general recording technique will have far greater impact on your mixes than choosing rokits over some other budget monitor.

    The real test is your ears. Take a CD of music you know like the back of your hand to the store and compare on different monitors. Take a mix of your own that you've listened to a million times and compare - which monitors reveal the things you never heard before? It isn't about which ones make the mix sound better, it's about which ones reveal the good AND the bad, which ones give you the audio information you need to make mixing decisions.
  8. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    Alright. Thanks. What happened to your RP6s?
    And I plan on heading to Guitar Center within the next couple days to give these a listen.
  9. ManicMonkey3

    ManicMonkey3 Guest

    Yamaha HS50m

    I've got they Yamaha HS50m and think they are great. They go for $200 each, but I got them to give me a $50 discount at Guitar Center- so $350. I have had them for a few years. This summer I finally got the subwoofer. Now they really sound great. I use them more for everyday computer stuff and music than mixing, but I mix on them, too.

    Someone on here said my mixing is total crap and that it sounds like I must be mixing on a boombox, so I can't guarantee good results, but they are better sounding than the RP5 at least they are more detailed. The amps are a lot more powerful, too.

    The RP5 isn't junk, but I'd definitely pay $50 more for these. I've seen sales on the RP5 for $100, so then it might be worth it if you want to save some money.
  10. apstrong

    apstrong Active Member

    My RP6s are currently collecting dust, I replaced them with a set of Dynaudio BM6As a few months back.
  11. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Fredericksburg, VA
    I would urge you to consider the new JBL 2xx series. They're $400 for a pair, but after having the chance to play with them for 6 weeks, I'd say (IMO) that they're the best value in monitors on the planet at the moment.

    Just a thought.
  12. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    I can't seem to find the model your talking about. Can you send me a link?
  13. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Fredericksburg, VA
  14. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    The only problem I see with these is that they are $100 more than the rokits, they arent bi-amped, theyre only 55 watts, they aren't quite as good looking, and I hear the the KRKs are just like a beast. Thanks though
  15. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Fredericksburg, VA
    Okay...the $100 is a potential problem - but I assure you, the power and the lack of biamping is not. Bear in mind, I'm comparing these to:
    Adam A7
    Dynaudio BM15
    Focal Professionals

    I'm not comparing these to KRK Rockits. The JBL is not far off from the monitors I just listed. The Rockits are.
  16. robbiusa

    robbiusa Active Member

    Pontiac, MI
    Not biamped? The link for the JBL says these are 55 watts to the woofer and 35 watts to the tweeter... compared to the KRK's 30 watts and 15 watts.

    Also, considering the source for this suggestion I don't think you should be so quick to dismiss the JBL's.
  17. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    yeah, i dont know how I missed that the first time. Sorry. I'll definitely put the JBL's in the Guitar Center "listen" list. Thanks
  18. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    Its a well known fact, JBL makes great sounding speakers.

    Wow Jeremy, thats some good insight. I'll have to give these a try,

    Dynaudio's are no doubt some good sounding speakers, I'll take you word for it the JBL's are a mere $400.00

    Amazon's got them in a nice package.



    $359 a pair, no package deal, just the speakers!
  19. mrb1946

    mrb1946 Active Member

    Wow, I feel really bad for declining these monitors at first. I really like them now. And I didn't realize the the RP5 was only 45 watts, thats a major turn off. But I like all the isolation stuff on the JBL and seems really nice. Thanks for setting me straight on them.
  20. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    So you are going to shun a perfectly good product because of what a spec sheet says?

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