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  1. Hi I'm in the UK and want to spend under £1000 on some new monitors for d'n'b.

    In the past I've always used KRK speakers, but I'm now worried at what's going on with the company, and am hesitant to continue using them. I had the K-Roks (my brother has them now, they still sound great ten years later). 7" cones but they delivered the sub really well. Then because they didn't make them any more, I got the KRK V6's. Crisp and detailed but lacking a certain weight (maybe because they had no ports)... liked them a lot but not as much as the K-Roks.

    So the Adams A7's sit right in the middle of those two with a 6.5" cone, and they're ported like the K-Roks.

    Mackies I've used whenever I've worked with anyone else, and I'm quite comfortable with their sound, but I've heard the Mackies are not as good as they used to be because of the move in production to China...

    I'd also consider the KRK V8 Series II's and the VXT8's (can anyone give me any information on these?)

    I've found here in teh UK:

    Mackie MKII's - £900 / pair
    Adam P11's - £880 / pair
    Adam A7's - £470 / pair
    KRK V8 II's - £800 / pair
    KRK VXT8's - £900 / pair

    in the US:

    Mackie MKII's - £500 / pair
    Adam P11's - £1000 / pair
    Adam A7's - £500 / pair
    KRK V8 II's - £500 / pair
    KRK VXT8's - £600 / pair

    This makes the P11's and Adam's in general look by far the best deal over here. Everything else is extremely overpriced. But I do know and love the KRK sound. I haven't tried out the 824 Mk II's but have used the Mk I's many times.

    I have to decide today, so any input would be so much appreciated, bearing in mind the kind of music I make.


  2. No-one have any recommendations?
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    Before you go out and buy different monitors, try a subwoofer with your KRK V6s. KRK make the V12S at about £580, but you are not restricted to using a KRK.
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    Be patient. Answers come slow around here
    But you will get the responses your looking for...
  5. @ Boswell

    I'd look into that, but my V6's are in another country right now, hence the urgent need for speakers... I have a session coming in just over a week and need to make up my mind without a nearby pro audio dealer. I have to decide soon so I hope I make the right choice!
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    Just a couple thoughts.

    The V6s should be's that slot at the bottom - a very effective port at that.

    The Adam A7s are great monitors - I'm listening on a pair right now and dig them. They will do low bass acceptably well, but they need room to breathe. Don't try to cram them into a tiny room against the back wall. You'll get a pronounced bump at around 80-120 Hz if you do.

    Also, don't expect miracls below 40 Hz. It will do a little down there, but nothing earth shattering.

  7. Thanks for the reply. Does anyone have anything to add about P11A's compared to the A7's? I have a feeling I'll need the larger driver to create drum'n'bass.

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