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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by John Murphy, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    I've read a few posts with users saying they have monitors out on loan for trial.
    How does this work?Do you have to have a pro studio to qualify.
    Obviously being able to spend a bit of time with monitors before buying is going to be the best way to make a decision.

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Call up a dealer and say you want to try them first, see what they say... Mabe get a friend to recomend you to a dealer as trustworthy... + offer to leave a deposit or full amount...

  3. teddancin

    teddancin Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    Yeah, what Jules said. Or you can do what I did. Go to a music store (not guitarcenter) that's maybe a little pricier but more professional. Make sure they have a 30 day or more return policy, demo the monitors there, pick out the one you want. Once buy it and get it home, if it's not the cat's meow, just take it back and get a MORE EXPESNSIVE PAIR! Repeat until broke.
  4. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    Thanks guys for replies.I feel more confident about asking now.
    I'm going to the uk distributers of ADAM monitors this week,cuz they haven't got any dealers in uk yet!I've worked on Genelic 1030A and like them a lot,but think they sound maybe too good?The HR824 Mackies i've heard in the shops and can't really understand them.
    I think comparitive pricewise would be the ADAM P22-A.Does anyone know how these compare to the ADAM S2-As?
  5. chealy

    chealy Guest

    I've worked on Genelic 1030A and like them a lot,but think they sound maybe too good?

    I have a similar problem with these - but I wonder if it's more of a room problem. I'm mixing in a small room - if I send mixes to friends with normal hi-fi type systems they find problems (not enough bass, vocals not upfront etc) but when I send them to an audiophile friend or an engineer friend they say it's fine (not sure about the singing though :) ). Obviously I try to get a balance by playing back the mixes on various old tin boxes to check out if it works. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I don't have to buy a pair of white coned wonders do I?
  6. John Murphy

    John Murphy Guest

    I use the white coned wonders(NS10's I presume u mean?)and i would say don't get them.If you want a smaller monitor set to augment your current set i would suggest Tannoy reveal passives,they are selling very cheap and if i was a first time buyer i would definately get these.
    The only way i got a decent mix that translated well was to mix in the Genelics1030A(got the bass right,but top end was too harsh),then through a big PA(sorted out the top end),then back home through some hifi speakers(had to cut 80hz to stop the mud),then back to the PA.Now it pretty much translates too all the systems i've played it through.Needless to say this was all a pain in the ****.But i don't think i could have even got this far without using the Genelics,i'd say i sorted 85% of the mix through these.
    Now i'm very keen to hear the ADAMs and hopefully this will sort me out.
    I really don't know how engineers can mix the bass end correctly with NS10's,cuz you just can't hear it.I see it a bit like a graphic artist trying to design with one of the colours missing from his monitor screen,how does he know how much of that colour to put in if he can't see it?


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