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    question ! i have a mac and a pc . my pc is hooked up to a m audio interface and my mac to the duet and my krk rokit speakers are hooked up to my mac with xlr cables . Now if i hook up my maudio inter face to the speakers in the trs 1/4 cable area and have the duet plugged in to the xlr cables at the same time will i be able to to use both computers with the same sppeakers ? at the same time or maybe while on is on and the other is off ? i dont want to try it and have something happen to damage my speaker thanx
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    No, you will be connecting the outputs of the Duet and the M-Audio interface together. This is not a good idea, both from the point of view of getting an undistorted sound, and also the possibility of damaging one or other units. It is not sufficient to turn one unit off while using the other.

    What you need is a switch to select the Duet or the M-Audio and feed the selected signal to the speakers. TRS selector switches are available fairly cheaply; XLR switches are more expensive. For TRS switching, the Coleman Line Level Selector is worth a look. For XLR + RCA inputs, you could consider something like the SM Pro Audio MPatch-2.

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