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    Hi everyone, Ive done some monitor threads, Its been taking a while to know how much will I be able to spend and what to choose. My final choices are: Budget=$800/maybe.....just maybe$900

    KRK V6's
    Dynaudio BM5A w/ Hafler P1500

    I know I should see the KRK v8's, Do that $200 difference make a lot of difference for me to wait longer and spend those extra $200?? I want to buy now!!

    Any help would be appreciated? What would you buy with my budget?

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    I admit I'm biased because I use and sell KRK, but they're great...especially for the price. I've said this before - you can get a better monitor, but not in this price range. If your mixes are not good it will not be because of your KRK monitors that's for certain.

    I'm a fan of powered monitors. They're just easier to setup or move if needed and you know that the power is tune correctly for the monitors.

    I use the V8's most of the time. The V6's possibly have a little more clarity in the upper midrange and high's. I think that the v6's paired with the sub is the ultimate. I will be moving to that setup at some point but I'll keep the V8's around so I can A/B between them.

    Try some out. Most places will have a 30 day return policy. It's hard to tell until you get them in your room.

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