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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by knonothin, Sep 29, 2007.

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    hi i was wondering if u can help a newbee like me in recording drums. my question is im lookin to make a dance song i know kick drum, bass, snare should be mono when recorded but i'm cluless about toms, Hi hats, and crash cymbals should they be recorded mono or stereo. if im right at the final mixdown the whole drumkit should be stereo correct me if im wrong.
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    Jun 24, 2007
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    The Bass and Snare go down the center, typically speaking. The cymbals are recorded by drum over head mics, and this will create a stereo image of the entire set. The overheads are then typically panned hard left and hard right. If u elect to close mic the toms, then the panning will go from left to right or vice versa depending on the perspective of the drummer. Meaning u could be the drummer perspective (left to right) where the drummer Hihat is left and etc etc etc. Or u could be the audience perspective (right to left) if the drummer is right handed. Oh if u add hihat or ride mic then just think about where u place them by looking at the positioning of the set in retrospect to the Overhead panning. And yes when u mix down you create a stereo file.... if u want u can have a mono rendering. But noone wants that.
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    thanks man god bless you.
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