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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by pwm, Sep 5, 2007.

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    After reading a recent post on Old Tannoys it got me thinking that I could put new surounds in a pair that I have tucked away downstairs. They are 15" diameter to the outside of the casings, the metal cases are gold in colour and the only other distinguishing marks on them are these "Monitor HPD Type HPD/385/8".

    I gather there are different models and I'm wondering if anyone would know a bit more about identifying or giving me a heads up on these speakers.
  2. Those are the ones I have. They evidently had a little more top to them than the Golds. Very good units. The only problem you may have is when the surround goes there is only the inner suspension to support the cone.
    After a while the coil can be affeected by this. I had mine fully reconed.
    I have a pair of surrounds and instructions if you need them. Where abouts are you?
    The old surrounds become very gungy and it's a messy job cleaning them up being carfull not to disturb the cones too much.
    Can you move the cones up and down without any friction or catching? This will indicate whether the coils have distorted. Dave.
  3. pwm

    pwm Guest

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the help. I checked mine and there seemd to be no rubbing or sticking when I move the cones in and out so guess it means theyll only need new surrounds.

    Thanks a bundle for the offer of your surrounds but unfortunately (or fortunately)I live on the Gold Coast (Queensland/Australia) so I wont able to pop around to pick them up from you.

    Where did you get surrounds from. I noticed they have them at Parts Express. Is there any thing I need to know to make sure I get the right ones?

  4. You should be able to find some on the net. Just check they are for HPD-385 15 and that should be OK.
    You are'nt as you say around the corner. I seem to remember that Nigel Pegrum had a studio up your way. He used to play drums with Steeleye Span amongst others.
    Good luck with the repair. Dave.
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