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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Davedog, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I am going to take the plunge and add the computer to my room. Probably PT....maybe 9 if I can find an appropriately priced Mac.....maybe PC....

    My question now is this. What will I need to share files with others (like all you folks) for different styles and ideas on particular projects?

    My goal is NOT to be the talent and the Producer, but to be the Producer that occasionally plays on some projects. I have a lot of talent here locally to tap into, but it occurs to me that theres a huge reservoir out there in cyber land and I know lots of records are made this way.

    So I am going to need the hook-up to allow me to share raw files with others to be able to track their ideas onto projects I am involved in. And vice-versa.

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    Wow, great topic, and one the will likely generate tons of very useful responses!

    So I'll just tackle one aspect of this, and probably the technique most often used/encountered.

    I've worked on plenty of projects where some of the tracks were recorded elsewhere... across the country or across the sea. It's pretty simple in most cases...

    I make a mix of the basic tracks in either AIFF or WAV format and send it to the talent or engineer on the other end via (needed to accommodate the large file size). They load that file into their DAW and track their part in sync with what I've sent them, and send that new track back to me via or similar service . As long as they roll their recording at the same start point as the guide track, things should sync up fine. Be sure to specify sample rate & bit depth so that everything syncs up and so what you get is easily importable into your project.

    I've got one such track coming to me from Scotland in the next week or so (I'm in the US, Washington state).

    Nice thing is, it doesn't really matter if the same DAW is used on either end as long as either AIFF or WAV format are supported, and most DAWs support both. I use Cubase, the guy in Scotland uses PT... no problem!

    Now if the collaboration involves more than just a track, and you need to send an entire project including track settings, etc, that's a different answer.

    Looking forward to reading other responses!

  3. natural

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    Jul 21, 2006
    Yeah, I'm with Jeff.
    Keep it simple if you can.
    If you're the producer make your studio the home base. You can send out a mix or a couple of stems in wav or even mp3 format.
    They do their tracks, consolidate all tracks and send wav files back to you. You import, slide into place and you're on your way.

    You can use Yousendit.
    I use dropbox that I read about here on RO. - 2 free gigs. You share a folder with your talent, very cool, and free. ( Use this link and get more free space: Steve Casey)

    For small to medium projects, this method will work great. For larger projects, it gets complicated if you want to send entire sessions.
    Not worth it unless there's a big budget involved.

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