Motherboard fo budget DAW?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Tore Nylund, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Well it's time for another build...( my fourth within a year)
    This time I'm on a very limited budget so I thought I should do a 533 FSB system.
    Since the budget is very limited, I thought I'd try the ASUS P4PE-X motherboard.
    That one is really inexpensive...
    On all my other DAW's I've used more expensive mobo's.... My Question is really do think that it's a bad choice to get that mobo?

    The other components are:
    CPU Intel P4 2.6 GHz 533 FSB 512Mb
    RAM Kingston 512 Mb PC 2700
    HD WD 80 Gb (8MB cache) for OS
    HD WD 120 Gb (8MB cache) for Audio
    Samsung CDRW/ DVD-combo
    Video Card Matrox G550
    Inexpensive case with a pretty good PSU.
    This is what I can get within the budget... so if your advice is to get a better mobo, I really have to cut down on some other components.
    (i.e. noname RAM, ATI rage videocard,)
    I'd be very grateful for some input here.
  2. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    I'm a fan of Asus, and this board was cutting edge at one tim, so I vote go for it.

  3. Tore Nylund

    Tore Nylund Guest

    Thanks ! I think that sometimes it's a good idea to go for a "just-out-of-date-system" with good components rather than a "up-to-date DAW" with non-reliable parts.... if you're on a tight budget.
    I can get 3 of those mobo's for the same money as one Asus P4C800-E Deluxe.
    Still I will get a really good DAW.
  4. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    My opinion is, there's no other way to do it.

    For one, the pricing aspect precludes the latest and greatest stuff for those of us without unlimited budgets. The way I see it, you're only looking at about a 5-15% performance increase for probably twice the price if you go with the latest and greatest.

    For two, it takes a while (usually about six months or so) for bug reports, issues, and incompatibilities to surface for new motherboards.

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