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    Hey there,
    I am going to be building a new computer soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on what motherboards/chipsets do or do not work well with audio interfaces? I have a Delta 1010. I would like to be able to do live-input monitoring using ASIO (I use Vegas 4) which I cannot do very well right now, only with few plugins and a larger latency.
    I do have quite a bit of computer experience (building/programming) so don't be afraid to use big words! hehe, anyway, any suggestions would be great!

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    Feb 10, 2001
    intel, amd?
    dual single?
    a little more info would be good.
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    It is always the "safe" way to use Intel chipsets with Intel processors.

    The 845, 865, and 875 chipsets are for use with socket 478 P4s (Northwood core)...915 and 925 chipsets for use with socket 775 P4s (Prescott core).

    The "3gig" and beyond P4s consume quite a few watts, and therefore produce a good amount of might want to check the reviews on the net and see if AMD processors running at roughly the same performance levels as their Intel counterparts use less watts.

    If you intend to use a larger case, preferably made of aluminum, with a generous power supply, several fans, and a good cpu cooler, heat won't be an issue.

    There are quite a few good motherboard manufacturers:


    and others.

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