Motu 2408 MKII issue

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Jr44, Aug 1, 2015.

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    Atlantic Beach Fl.
    He'll everybody just joined and have a Motu issue.
    Using Reaper,Win 7 homebuilt I7, 8 gigs ramm, motu 2408 with updated 424 card, using analog inputs for guitars and bass and Presonus d8 for real drums. Everything was fine
    This morning started guitar track had to go out, came back and had no sound at speaker point.
    I can see playback on meters of reaper but no sound.
    I remember having an issue like this and had to change main outs from 2408 from analog out to adat out 1&2(using drums on 2nd set of 8 ins on motu) this time I was gone for 2 hours. I shut down and left, come back to no sound but lots of meters showing signal, no sound. I did notice.....
    The front of the motu looks kinda unhappy, as I was trying to make sound come out not many lights on front and some kinda dim.
    Anybody experience this before??
  2. Jr44

    Jr44 Active Member

    Atlantic Beach Fl.
    I fixed this morning was an output conflict in setting of 2408.
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