MOTU 2408/PCI-324, Sonar, Win 98se

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by GY, Jul 19, 2001.

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  1. GY

    GY Guest

    Anyone out there using this? I'm wondering what kind of latency you're getting? I think the PCI-324 is a great, versatile card, but the none of the drivers are achieving useable latency under Win 98se (70ms). And, I'm not changing OS.
  2. sturgis58

    sturgis58 Guest

    DON'T!!!! I pray this message reaches you before you make a grievous error. Sonar and the 2408mkII just plain don't like each other!!! Unless you're running win2K, this combo is the pits. One reason - no WDM drivers. You have to face the fact that Sonar runs optimally on WDM drivers. MME has terrible latency issues, and Sonar does not care for Asio at all. Motu has only released beta WDM drivers for win2K, and there are no immediate plans to do so for win 98.
    In case you're interested, search this forum for my posts from this April, describing my torture sessions in Sonar. It was a daily hell that I finally had to give up, for fear that I would suffer a homicidal episode and begin murdering random strangers in the street. That's truly how angry and frustrated I was. And you know how GC ( those pricks) love's giving a refund for software. I don't think I can say with any greater expediency -DON'T buy it!!!!
  3. GY

    GY Guest

    Hey Sturgis,

    Thanks for your response. I agree with every thing you said. I wish MOTU would write WDM driver for Win 98se. ME and 2000 have their own can of worms. My 2408/PCI-324 and Sonar do work, I'm just unhappy with the 70ms latency (2 tracks). I will read your past posts. I have quite a few posts regarding this subject on quite a few different boards. These manufacturers need to get together and work this $*^t out before they release these products. There are a lot of people pissed off about being "paying BETA testers"!

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