MotU 2408 sync problems

Discussion in 'Recording' started by hyaena, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. hyaena

    hyaena Active Member

    Hi folks, here´s a question regarding sync,

    My actual setup:

    PC with Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, WinXp Pro Sp2 (installed older version because I argued driver probs)
    MotU PCI324 card and 2x 2408MKI connected.
    Actual drivers installed, device detected, no probs.

    The first 2408 syncs my Mackie D8B via the D8B´s Apogee clock card via BNC and the second 2408 says to be synced by „bus“ (I reckon by the PCI card ?). Digital connection is ADAT lightpipe to and from 2408 to and from D8B DIO-8 cards. I can only say it works as is.

    I was looking to improve that system by getting a central clock and bought a Lucid GENx192.
    But I can´t get my system in sync with that Lucid GENx192 because of the MotUs producing glitching noises when synced via BNC externally.
    Glitching noise is like an arpeggio of „CH“ (as in cheese) from the higher to the lower channels every few seconds.
    The MotUs don´t sync to the D8B console also.
    But I had ONE 2408 synced to a RAMSA DA7 console before !

    Do I have a malfunction ? Miss something ?

    Vagely I´ve heard, that it´s impossible to sync TWO 2408s to external clock, because the clock one 2408 receives, gets processed by the PCI324 and will be passed to the second with phase delay.
    Yes, tried syncing ONE 2408 to the D8B already. No Go.

    I remember having had a chip update inside one 2408 because of a hardware bug regarding sync, way back in 2000.

    Maybe the PCI324 is not compatible to actual Intel Chips (P45) ?
    Will a PCI424 (X or e) do a better job ?

    Anyone out there with a similar setup working ?
    Would like to involve that nice Lucid clock.

  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Why exactly would you want to synchronize 2? There really isn't any reason for it. Oh? You want 16 analog inputs? This ain't the way to do it. Would you care to elaborate further?

    Single 2408 user
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. hyaena

    hyaena Active Member

    Hi Remy,

    there´s at least 2 reasons for connecting 2 units:
    I want 24 digital channels lightpipe PLUS S/PDIF back into DAW for recording the mix PLUS one way for using a reverb in the DAW fed from the console.

    Thanks for taking interest. My small studio is doing postproduction only, so I don´t need the analog inputs of the 2408.

  4. hyaena

    hyaena Active Member

    Here´s information I found on the MotU site:

    "Generally speaking the PCI-324 card is not compatible with most PC motherboards manufactured since 2002."

    So I´m lucky it´s running anyhow, without being synced externally. Since I´m having two more PCIe slots available, I will be looking for a PCIe-424.

    Information about the result coming soon ...

  5. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    When I got my 2408, I tried to purchase multiple PCI 324 cards to be installed in my various workstations. I would simply take the 2408 unit around since it could also be used standalone. But they wouldn't sell me any PCI 324 cards. And I don't think they will sell you any PCIe or any other version of 424 cards, without the purchase of a 2408 external unit. Not sure what their logic was behind that? A 324 or a 424 does you no good unless you have a 2408. So what's the big deal? Stupid marketing if you ask me.

    Some of these companies are just daft.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  6. hyaena

    hyaena Active Member

    Hi Remy Ann,
    I wanted to let you know, that my setup is working fine now.
    The troublemaker was the PCI324 not being compatible with actual motherboards (PCI 3.3V, but the old 324 needs 5V). says: Generally speaking, the 324 is not compatible with newer mobos build since 2002.

    I bought a 424x (on EBay), which is recommandated for use in PCs as well and put it in a PCI slot.
    The result is overwhelming.
    I hear transients and overtones in my recorded material, that hasn´t been there before - I mean, not that it adds anything, but a layer of foam has been taken aside.
    I´m sure this is not only the benefit of LUCID clock, but the proper voltage as well.

    Remy Ann, any PCI 424 is for sale, here in Europe you get them new and second hand on Ebay and at the dealers.

    Manfred Deppe
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