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    I have a small home studio and I recently purchased an MOTU 828 as my recording interface. This is the USB2 version of the interface and should really be a great addition to my set up but I cannot get it to work properly.

    Does anyone know of any known issues with this interface?

    I get a lot of crackle in the audio, I have set up several sound cards in the past and I have never had these issues.

    Im running on a fresh install of windows XP with plenty of RAM

    All of the drivers are set up properly and I am using it with Ableton's Live
  2. oneano

    oneano Guest

    Anyone have some advice for me?
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    motu 828

    Asio or WDM ? Whats your I-O bufffer size set at ? might try 128 or 256 tracking, Playback at 512 or 768 if you have several tracks with effects,
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    Are you using the cuemix software? Check to be certain that gains are not maxed known to cause an intermittent crackling.
    Have you tweaked XP for recording? - Tuning Windows XP for Audio/Music Applications
    Tried a different usb cable?

    Motu support?
  5. oneano

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    The crackle has a frequency around 100 hz and it is constant.

    The 828mkii is running at 44.1K with an internal clock source. the samples per buffer is set to 1024 the highest setting
    ASIO drivers. I dont think that their is a WDM option . . unless I have missed something

    firmware is version 1.01
    hardware is version 1.01

    I have tweaked every setting that I can find. I have also tweaked the input and output gains on the cuemix software.

    I have even tried to disable my internal soundcard and I do not think that it is possible on the laptop

    I have not attempted MOTU tech support yet

    I have not yet tested a new usb cable
  6. Oneano,
    A while back I had borrowed the same Motu 828 MKii Firewire interface from a friend while I was looking for a replacement for my usuall and I had similer problems. Pops and clicks all the time. I tweaked every setting I could think to tweak. I used a PC with Xp sp2. The guy I borrowed it from had similer problems as well( this is why I was able to borrow it he wasn't using it), it was previously on a Mac. After trying it with Sonar, Cubase, Magix, and Digital Performer, with the same results we figure it was in the unit itself.

    Hope this helps?


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