motu 828mkII, random squealing noise

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Atlas, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Atlas

    Atlas Guest

    I have a motu 828mkII that randomly makes a really annoying high pitch squealing. It does this in when I am recording and playing back in Cubase and when I am just listing to Itunes. I have a PC with windows XP SP 2, but I have done the fix where you download the patch from motu and another from Microsoft and chance the regisry etc... Still with the random noise.

    What am I doing wrong???

  2. jahtao

    jahtao Guest

    yo i've got some BS noise with my G5!! i think its a G5 problem but it might be that the motu power supply is very sensitive to ground loops. i'm in the middle of working this one out. Wud u be so kind as to tell me all you've found out so far and i'll post here again in a couple of days when i've completed my investigations. together.....
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Guest

    This is what I have found so far: NOTHING. THis is annoying. I am glad it's not just my unit messing up though. That means there must be a solution.
  4. RAIN0707

    RAIN0707 Guest

    It sounds to me like a sample rate or word clock incompatibility. Open the Motu CueMix Console and make sure the sample rate selected matches the sample rate of your session and of you Motu Unit. Sometimes having one of these 3 out of sync in the chain will cause a lot of Motu boxes to pretty much "scream" at you.
  5. Atlas

    Atlas Guest

    Just checked the sample rate. Everything is good, I even changed them both, still had the problem, then changed them back. The thing is that when I am in Cubase the problem happens a lot less, say... every 8 min or so it will scream for a couple of seconds. But when I am using ITunes it happens a lot more. Especially when I change the songs manually. It hates that. With ITunes it happens every few (like two or three) minutes, and it will sceam for a much longer time (like 10 seconds!!).
  6. jahtao

    jahtao Guest

    installed chud developer tools, disabled allow nap thing and the random beeping and funny noise when you do stuff like resize windows has gone. result!

    motu tech supprt got back to me and said:

    "This issue may actually be related to the G5 itself. I have heard some users mention their power supplies had problems when investigating this problem further. Our 828 mk II should work just fine with that computer. I strongly believe there is no problems related to that general setup, rather something particular to this G5 that is causing the issues."

    i need to talk to apple to see if they can tell me if this is what my g5 should be doing... i thougth the new dual 2Ghz g5's didn't have this problem.

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