Motu 896 or Presonus Firepod

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by younger, Sep 23, 2005.

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    I have been searching for a good interface for awhile now to do great sounding home recording with a band. Between the 2 that I have narrowed it down to . What is the concensus on which one of the units would you buy, and why. I am told that both of these units are zero latency monitoring, and that is something I am looking for. Also I am told they both have great mic pre's

    Motu 896 or Presonus Firepod ???

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. tringlesceo

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  3. phantompower

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    i have the firepod and im really happy with it, although it wont work with protools, and i dont know anything about the motu
  4. AcousTronic

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    Re: firepod

    I'm in the oposite position, I don't know anything about Firepod, but LOVE my 896HD!!! Had it for about 5 months and never a problem. Just finished a piece that used 15 stereo tracks, 4 mono tracks and 12 midi tracks, along with a ton of plug-ins, and it never even thought of giving me latency!! And I have an old G4 with only 768 SD RAM, running Logic Pro 7, didn't tax the CPU at all. The DSP feature of the MOTU is a GODSEND!!
  5. I would think the 828 because I like the ADAT ins and outs but there is quite a price difference.

    What are others opinions on the preamps in comparision??
  6. wavline1820m

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    in my opinion, i would go with the 896...i have the 828 mkII and absoloutly, love it...never had a problem, although, i would think, that the presonus, pres, are better.......i dont quite know....the motu , uses, class a pres, but, i am thinkin, that the presonus, has better pres....can any one, clear this up???????

    but, that being said, motu, and rme, are about the only 2 companies, i would consider.....

  7. wavline1820m

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    oh, btw, what ever you do, dont get tricked into buying any emu cards. they really stink , and there tech support is almost non existant.

  8. younger

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    So it sounds like the overall is for the motu..Which of the 2 has the better pre's? Anyone here ever compare?
    PLease let me know
  9. zerosin

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    Have you looked into the RME Fireface?
  10. younger

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    I have never looked at the the Rme . Whats the word on that unit?
  11. zerosin

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    RME is known for nice preamps and converters. I almost went with the FireFace instead of the MiniMe but I wanted to do field recording.

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