MOTU 896HD and Windows XP/Cubase SX???

Discussion in 'Computing' started by jdpas29, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. jdpas29

    jdpas29 Guest

    hello, guys.

    i'm considering buying MOTU's 896HD unit to run on my computer which is an AMD3200 chip with 1G of RAM.

    has anybody done anything similar to this?

    any problems/incompatibility issues?


    thanks ahead!
  2. buzz

    buzz Guest

    You cannot use XPsp2 , I had 2 896hd's never got them to sync together it appears thier might be some bad ones out there not really sure ?????
    When using 2 units together they would have digital noise on them , I got 1 unit to work by itself but had to engage the mme function to get a clean signal

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