MOTU 896HD v. Digi 001/002

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by lipmanaj, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. lipmanaj

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    Building a PC based system.

    Any opinions on flexibility/quality/value of MOTU 896HD v. Digi001 or 002 Rack?

    Components are:

    Asus P4P800
    Intel P4 3.0G 800FSB (Northwood C not 533FSB Northwood B)
    512Mb PC3200 DDR400
    Lite-On burner
    WD 800JB 7,200rpm System
    WD 360GD 10,000rpm SATA Audio
    ENERMAX EG465P-VE(FCA)-430 Watt

    Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.
  2. miks

    miks Guest

    have a look at some RME stuff.
  3. Javier

    Javier Guest

    Hello Lipmanaj
    In my modest opinnion, I have had the chance to work with both systems and I prefer the motu 896 since it integrates flawlessly with sonar. I had the chance to work with the digi001 and it sounded to me a little bit thin and had to work with protools only.
  4. ghellquist

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    May 25, 2004
    Well, it depends.

    What kind of music projects do you want to start with? And what software do you want to use, becauce if it is ProTools LE only two of them are viable. For other software all three can be made to work.

    It sounds like you should look for yourself a bit more on the features of the units as described by the manufacturers.

    First of all you will then find that the 001 is no longer produced and not supported in future PT updates. But it is a capable soundcard, has been used a long time and is still used for serious work. Some like to add other preamps and other converters.

    The Digi002R is more modern then the 001 and is a firewire unit. It has four preamps and is supported by the latest version of PT LE right now. Some like it, some not.

    Both the 001 and the 002R generally come with the PT LE software included (check out carefully which version if you buy them used). Digidesign has drivers for download for ASIO, and even if they are perhaps not the most polished drivers you can find, many people has been able to make them work.

    The 896HD is a firewire unit as well. It has 8 preamps. But no PC software apart from drivers, so you have to buy that separately. This might turn the cost of the system up a bit, but also offers a lot more flexibility. Some people simply love this stuff, some seem to hate it.

    All the preamps in the 001/002R/896HD are of the "clean" type, so you will probably want to add some "colored" stuff if you are much into recording vocals. But then again, that is a matter of taste.

    My advice is to find a good music shop and make sure that you can test drive the stuff with your PC before committing. Somehow the computer world is full of these little incompatibilities that can make you believe that the hardware and the software hates each other. Better find them before finally deciding.

    Anyway, personally I started on a MBox with PT LE a few years ago. Has graduated to Motu 828 mkII and Samplitude since, but the MBox still gets frequent use (PT LE not though).

    Good luck

  5. BladeSG

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    With digidesign's ASIO driver the 001 will work with Nuendo, Cubase SX, Sonar , Logic ect ect....

    You won't find a new 001 anymore as these are redundant now and not supported with software from digi anymore. The 002(R) is a good option as you're getting a hardware and software solution in 1. If 32 tracks isn't going to hinder you then I don't think you'll find a simpler solution to operate than PT LE.

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