Motu 8pre into M-audio 410 through optical cable

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by Gertok, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Gertok

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    I was trying to connect these two units together, M-audio being a main interface connected to PC through firewire. I connected Motu 8-pre out into M-audio IN with optical cable. Pro tools were running and froze right away. So I restarted computer, and can't seem to find any sign of motu connected on the PC. Pro tools say that paths for inputs 5 - 32 are not found. And I can't create a new path for these inputs other than from m-audio 2 inputs.
  2. Gertok

    Gertok Guest

    Should I run 2 optical cables the second one from m-audio out to MOTU in?
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    The MOTU 8pre has ADAT I/O and the M-Audio 410 interface has optical S/PDIF I/O. They use the same type of optical cables and connectors, but are completely different formats and will not interconnect in either direction.

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