MOTU and MSI KT266Pro2 RU Problem

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by MOMO, Dec 17, 2001.

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    I upgraded my pc system last weak. Unfortunately I´m not able to get running the MOTU Card in my system. The 324card, the connection cable and the 2408MKII all are okay, since they run flawless in my old PIII 650 system with Intel BX.
    My configuration is:
    AMD Athlon XP1700+
    MSI KT266 Pro2 RU (With onboard raid and USB2), VIA KT266A
    256MB Samsung DDR2100, CL2.5
    Maxtor DiamondmaxPlus60, 7200, 40,9 on Primary Master
    Seagate Barracuda IV 60BG 7200, Primary Primary Slave
    Matrox G450 Dualhead
    W2K incl SP2
    VIA 4in1

    Problem: Nuendo correctly installed, MOTU Software first added, then card checked in EVERY slot: always the same Problem: MOTU Software don´t find the Card even though the card is perfectly installed and recognised by the System.
    Following message appears:"Could not communicate with 324Card: Please contact MOTU tech support (27C::w324DRVRAwdrvr.pp2076)"
    I also tried to reserve a own IRQ to the PCI Slot for 324Card in BOIS, tried Busmaster on and off in BIOS, nothing helps! ! !
    Same system with a Elitegroup K7S5A works without any problem. So is the problem KT266A specific or specific to the Mainboard? Have you evaluated reference systems?
    Please help me SOOON!
    Quite frustrated greetings
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    I have an EPoX board with a KT266A chipset. I get a different but similar problem. The PCI-324 seems to work just fine, but I get an error message whenever I actually try to use anything connected to it. It's very strange.

    As usual the MOTU tech support people are completely non-existant. :mad:

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