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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by zroll1, Feb 11, 2005.

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    I went to Sam Ash yesterday and was told that if I want to use 2 MOTU travelers to hook up 18 channels and control them through one computer that I would need to make one of the Travelers a slave and one a master and connect them through Firewire. But he said that it would cause latency which I didn't understand why that would be the case. Why would connecting them through Firewire at 400 mbps cause latency? Also, from these Travelers I want to run them to a PowerMac about 30 or more feet away. What would be better: to connect them through Firewire using a Firewire repeater or to connect them through a 30 foot fiber optic cable? Thanks
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    you can record 20 simultaneous channels with one traveler:

    4 mic/instruments ins
    4 line ins
    8 adat channels @ 48k
    2 AES/EBU channels (stereo)
    +2 spdif channels
    20 channels of audio

    i think you would be better off buying one traveler and using whatever you have left in your budget to take advantage of all of the inputs on one interface. just a thought.

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