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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by michaeltk, Dec 21, 2004.

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    Before I go off on a tangent about MOTU, let me praise it for its only noteworthy achievement: It has a hell of a marketing team that is incredibly talented at tricking customers into thinking that MOTU products are worthy of purchase.

    Now that I've told you what I like about MOTU, let me tell you what I don't like about it. First, their products and drivers are finicky and unstable. For example, their original 896 firewire interface wouldn't even work with firewire cards containing the NEC chipset( Given the fact that there were only three major firewire chipset manufacturers at the time, MOTU had no excuse for making that blunder. Many of its customers (myself included) had to go out and buy another firewire card. That's only one example. Check out ( for others.

    Second, MOTU's technical support is absolutely godawful. Check out ( for just a few examples of the reports customers have been making about MOTU's technical support. Use Google to find others.

    But don't take everyone else's word for it; try it for yourself. Go to MOTU's homepage, where you can find MOTU's (non-toll-free) customer service number. See if you can get through. I've been trying for the last hour to no avail.

    Third, MOTU's converters are subpar, especially compared to the converters on units made by Lynx and RME. Their products sound fine, but not great. They certainly aren't worth the price.

    Finally, let me ponder publicly why anyone would buy a MOTU device when you could spend a little more and get a rock-sold, (and much better sounding) card from Lynx, a company whose technical support is unbeatable. When I called Lynx to inquire about their LynxTwo card, I was immediately transferred to the company's owner! How's that for tech support?

    Let me be clear that I have no ill will toward MOTU; I certainly don't wish to damage the company's reputation. However, given the number of postings in this forum regarding MOTUs products, it is clear that the public doesn't have all the information it needs in order to make informed decisions about hardware purchases. I hope that this posting will spur a discussion about MOTU, its products, and its customer service (or lack thereof).
  2. Good question.
    There's your answer.
    That must be why you're ranting about them on a public forum.
    Wiser words were never spoken.
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    I have a MOTU 24 i/o between my Otari 24 track 2 inch and my mixing desk, and I have been in heaven siince the day I got it.

    If you're spending 400 dollars on a sound card and it doesn't like your 40.00 firewire card, get a 40.00 firewire card that it does like.

    Hell, if you go for the 1200.00 24 i/o, build your daw around it! asus mobo, etc. to ensure compatiblity.

    A little research beforehand goes a long way.
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    Dec 3, 2003
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    I've been using Motus Digital Performer since 1992 and I am very happy with it and have been all these years- I also own mach five and a 828mkii and I'm totally satisfied with those. But hey, its a free market- if you don't like motu get something else- lots of choices out there
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    When I called Lynx to inquire about their LynxTwo card, I was immediately transferred to the company's owner! How's that for tech support

    I can be the owner of Lynx on the phone if I want to also...[/b]
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    never had a problem with motu, I've used DP forever and its pretty solid with my setup, been using a MOTU HD 192 for about a year and it works exactly as advertised plus it sounds very good too

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