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    Hey all, im new to this forum, just a question? Im looking at getting a new interface to start some more serious recording my my local area. Our band has done some of our own recording, (hows sending the 8 drum ch into stereo aux in on a sound blaster live!!! ). How embarrasing. Im looking at getting either a MOTU 896HD or a Delta 1010 (the external rack).

    Any suggestions? Heaps of ppl seem to be slaging MOTU etc? Using Sonar4/Reason/Acidpro/Cooledit2/Cubase etc.

    Cheers from James
  2. bradb

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    Dec 23, 2004
    my studio building plan

    I think the key to building a good studio is modularity... PS. I have the m-audio delta 1010

    draw a line bettween the components and build up from there, since technology improves at different rates in different things you should get 'singular' equipment. lemme explain...

    youre recording setup should be divided into these blocks:
    computer, A/D, mic pres, mics. as you move closer to the computer side, technology improves at a faster rate/price fluctuates quickly. whereas mics and mic pres have improved at the pace of molassas over the years, relatively.

    Anyway, I would get a good A/D that is NOT coupled with any mic pre's. A/D's are all pretty much the same. I'd be nice to get one that does Firewire, so you can use it on a PC and a laptop (for portability). Do these exist?

    If youre starting out, i'd take a look at studio projects sp828, and a m-audio delta 1010. pretty portable too.

    I use sonic foundry vegas. its good.
  3. hey and welcome.

    i use a motu 896 (not HD) and record into SAWStudio.

    my setup basically goes like this (for live recording too).

    motu 896->firewire->

    just keep the motu's AD's from "going to the red" - which isn't a benefit with digital pre's! ;) and you'll be fine.

    then i go out from SAW to anything i want to (since the motu has 8 xlr outs etc..)
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    Thanks Guys, Its a real bitch trying to keep up with technology but hey! Yeah I use Acid pro 4 and vegas 4, Vegas is pretty awsome. Been recording for the last few years on and off (when im not working). Delta looks like a contender, half the price of the 829.

    I know its a stupid question, but Mic pre's??? arnt these built into the mixer for ex??? can some explain a bit more plz??? Im havin a brain fart,, lol
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    Dec 23, 2004
    Mics need to be amplified before they are sent into the A/D. Mic pre's exist out there at ANY price. I use MAckie VLZ pro pres mostly and they are great, its a good starting point. Mixers are great because, when you are recording using all 8 tracks on your A/D and you need a guide vocal or guide bass, or guide whatever.... you can send the 8 tracks youre recording back out to the mixer, and then add a mic for a guide vocal or include a bass guitar, its not recorded, but still you can send it out to the players' headphones.

    what i wrote is not really that clear. sorry


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